Why It’s Good to Outsource

You don’t have to do it all yourself

One block that the entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers often come up against is outsourcing tasks.  Perversely, freelancers are the ones to whom work is outsourced yet they often find it hard to ask for support themselves.

Being CEO of your own company does not stand for Chief Everything Officer.

You do not have to be the strategist, the implementer, the marketer, the social media planner, the bookkeeper, in charge of admin, the travel planner, the website designer and developer.

Indeed, it’s advisable not to do some of those roles such as bookkeeping if you have no idea about finance. Stay within your zone of genius and let someone else work support you whilst working in their own zone.

Being everything in your company can mean you can’t see the wood for the trees. When you outsource some tasks to an expert in that area, they may be able to suggest better solutions, added value and systems for your business that you had not previously considered.

Multi-tasking used to be the thing but, really, it’s not that productive and can see you dropping the ball.

But I can’t afford to outsource

I get this.  When you start a business with little money and any money you make is going back into the business then you are reluctant to spend money on outsourcing.  I’ve done it myself.  I built my own website to save money but it was by no means perfect.

This is where you need to change your mindset from fixed to growth.  You are going to grow very slowly if you continue to do everything yourself whereas outsourcing can actually help make you money.

Breaking through the blocks

Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money Mindset Mentor at Lucky Bitch, talks about upgrading your life, personal and business.  I’m upgrading and hiring a WordPress expert to help me with some issues that would possibly have me going round in circles.

To begin to break the block of outsourcing, write down everything you do in your business and choose one of those tasks that you feel takes up too much of your time.  Perhaps you are spending too long finding, creating and posting content on your social media when you could be spending time with a client or developing your next product.

Try outsourcing for a month and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised that the cost is much less than you thought it would be.   And as a bonus, I think you’ll find the energy space around you feels lighter, giving you a clearer space to do your best work.

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