Social Media

Getting Social

If you want to find me I’ll be on social media!  I love how it has opened up the world.  With 2.3 billion active users on Facebook, your ideal client is likely to be there, waiting to speak to you.

But I know social media can be frustrating; you’re not sure who your audience is and where they’re at (oh and by the way I can help you with this too), you don’t know what to post or when and you just haven’t got the time to spend scheduling all your posts.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Strategy.  What I really love doing is helping people create a social media strategy.  It can sometimes be a case of not seeing the wood for the trees with no clear path ahead.  I can help you work out what platforms you need to be on and the content you need to get out there.
  • Content.  Need help with sourcing content?  I can help create and curate content for you.
  • Time. If you’re on top of content but just have not time to schedule it all, outsource this task to me and save yourself several hours a week.  What could you do with those extra hours?
  • Hashtag Research.  Are you using random hashtags or have no idea what hashtags to use at all?  I’ll help you work out the best one for you and your products and services.

I took a Diploma in Social Media Marketing and continue to learn because all the platforms are constantly moving and updating.


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Your online business manger, working in your business whilst you work on your business.