Getting organised using Trello

When I was last a full time office PA many years ago, the only system we used was Microsoft Office. I had a paper diary, although I did also use Outlook too, so as to syn with my boss. But there certainly weren’t lots of apps and online websites to help me get organised and do my job. I had a day book, which contained my to-do lists and any notes taken during the day. All very analogue. Facebook hadn’t even been created, or Twitter, and WordPress was used by the few having only been created in 2003.

Being a PA this time around though is vastly different. There’s an app or a system online for everything. Evernote creates Notebooks, Toggl logs my timesheets, Canva creates designs, Asana manages projects and, my current favourite, Trello which manages lists.

I love a list. I only recently discovered Trello but I can sense it’s going to be a big part of my working life, and indeed personal life. Trello is all about getting you organised, creating boards, in which you create lists and cards. Imagine a white board for a project and on it is written several subheadings, different parts of the project – that’s the board and lists. Then on the board are lots of sticky notes under each list heading – these are the cards.


Trello on laptop


Each client has a general board that I’ve named Work. In that board are lists – To do, In progress, Done. Within each card you can add lots of information about that task, such as due date, checklists and attach files.

If a client project is particularly big then it has it’s own board, lists and cards.

I also have boards for my own business stuff, with one for social media marketing.

Plus Trello is great for organising home life too. I’m getting married but haven’t started any organising yet. However, when I do start then I’ll get a board going as well. Another board i’m going to create is my garden design project for our back garden. Endless possibilities!

I’ll blog again about Trello with more detail about my boards so you can see exactly what I’ve done, but in the meantime check Trello out for yourself. You can also share boards among co-workers if there are more than one of you working on a project.

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