Big Plans for 2017

planning for 2017


The New Year has started well at Enhance Admin.

I have three new clients and two in the pipeline.   One of the new clients came via a Facebook Group that we are both in and was unknown to me prior to having a conversation with her.  The other two are therapists who I know but only had a conversation with recently about working together.  I’m also talking next week with a couple of people about working with them.

Between all my clients, I have a good mix of work – some social media posting, some event support, ad hoc requests, research and email marketing. My client who is writing a book has now sent her book to the publishers which is very exciting.  I’ll let you know more when I can but suffice to say parents are going to love it!

Planning Ahead

I have some big plans of my own to work through too.  A few weeks ago I had a really good session with Jodie Newman from The Business Allotment who helped me work on my brand story, to understand more about my business and what I was offering.  I’m often clear in my head about what I want and what to say but getting those ideas out of my head is something with which I can struggle.  Jodie got inside my head and helped me articulate some of my thoughts. I highly recommend The Business Allotment if you need some help with strategy and ideas.

Now, I’ll be honest, it’s the first time I’ve really planned a business.  As a therapist, I went from week to week seeing clients without too much planning.  When I did plan ahead, good things happened so I don’t know why I didn’t do it more.  So now, with my planner and Sharpie in hand I am planning ahead and indeed the way ahead seems so much clearer – and exciting!

I know when events are happening, I know when I need to schedule and write blog posts, I know how many and the types of clients I want and where and how to attract them, I know when I want a business idea to launch and what I need to do for it. I also know what courses I want to do and when I need to schedule all my social media.  I’ve scheduled this around my daughter’s commitments (cant’ miss gymnastics and Brownies!), school holidays, our holidays abroad and, oh, getting married soon 🙂

When I was a therapist, what was easy for me was actually being a therapist, doing the actual therapy stuff, seeing and treating the clients.  What was much harder was the business side of things.  Coming from a corporate background, I had little idea how to be a sole-trader and run and market my business.  It was a huge learning curve and I know today that newly qualified therapists still have little business training in their courses.  This is where my idea comes in and on which I need to do a lot of work.  Watch this space!

To help me help my clients, I’ve recently completed an Advanced Social Media & Marketing course with Shaw Academy, which was so interesting and I’m part way through Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula course, which I’m really looking forward to putting into practice when my clients have something new to launch.  I’m also part way through a Digital Marketing Diploma, again with Shaw Academy (I highly recommend Shaw, their tutors are excellent and there is a wide range of courses, some business related, some for personal interest).

I recently asked on a Facebook Group I manage where everyone would like to be in one year and five years. The answers were exciting to read and diverse.  I wonder, where would you like to be?

For Enhance Admin it’s now full steam ahead.







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