Being a Virtual Assistant

So how did I become a Virtual Assistant.

You know when the answer to something you’re searching for is right under your nose?  That was the same for me until recently.  I had been a stay-at-home mum for a few years and was wondering what to do job-wise.  I need to be at home for my daughter, at least until she’s at secondary school.  My last role was a complementary therapist, a role I loved and aligned with my core values, but for various reasons it was hard for me to go back to that role so I looked around for something else.  Before being a therapist, I had spent many years as a PA, much of that time working at Board level and I really enjoyed it.  My previous roles were varied; some were very traditional including, shorthand, typing, diary and email management whilst others included event management, dealing with celebrities and property management.

Whilst wondering what to do, googling this, that and the other, it dawned on me to do what I know.

And what I do know is how to be a PA!

What’s more, I could do it from home and be a VA instead!  I could choose when, where and who I work with, which it fits perfectly around my home life.  Boom!  Done deal.  So I did some research – lordy, a lot has changed in recent years!  There’s a system for this, an app for that and social media has completely changed how business works.   Having already been self-employed, I did see a lot of change and being a sole-trader previously has put me in good stead for life now as a Virtual Assistant.

So, off we go, into the wonderful real world of Virtual Assistants.

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