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About Me...

I love supporting and helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with their presence online.

I started out as a PA with Marks and Spencer in their Head Office.  It was a great place to learn my trade, working in a variety of departments including Homeware and Legal.

My highlight, naturally, was dressed up as a prawn sandwich on the M&S float in the Lord Mayor’s parade.

Following a senior PA role at Blockbuster (in Oscar-style, I won Best Supporting Employee!), I then went travelling around the world by myself – Singapore, Bali, Australia, Fiji and San Francisco.  I highly recommend it and it did wonders for my confidence.

Via Channel 5 (yes we got to watch TV a lot), Diageo (yes I had a fridge of alcohol by my desk) and The Football Association (yes I met Becks and Southgate, thoroughly lovely they were too), and a couple of trips to Vietnam, I decided to change roles completely. 

I trained in a variety of holistic therapies (I recommend Bowen for back pain) and started on my self-employment journey.  Wow, that was a steep learning curve!  What would I have done differently? Outsourced some of my marketing that’s for sure.  

After a break to start a family, I decided not to return as a therapist.  Instead, building on my previous PA experience, I became a Virtual Assistant.  Working as a VA was great, but my love of social media soon led me to niche and become what I am today. An Online Business Manager …. and I love it!

# of marathons I've run
is my lucky number
# of skydives I've done
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# of times I've walked on hot coals


Your online business manger, working in your business whilst you work on your business.