5 Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn

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5 Tips for Making the Most of LinkedIn


LinkedIn is changing in 2019.  Whilst it’s been a major player in social media for some time, it’s not the first choice of many small businesses for building their audience.  However, more and more people are moving over to LinkedIn from Facebook.  They are seeing more opportunities and finding leads are coming through quicker.  Content consumption on LinkedIn is increasing each year.  If you’re B2B then you really need to be on LinkedIn, but B2C also works too because everyone on LinkedIn is also a consumer away from work.


Here are 5 ways you can use LinkedIn for your business.


1.       Your Profile Banner


If you still have the blue starry background then you are missing out on a big opportunity to promote your business.  Use this space to showcase and explain what you do.


A photographer could show some of their portfolio; a therapist could invite people in with a photo of their treatment room.  There’s space here to include text so why not use the space to promote your latest lead magnet or offer.  It’s so easy to create a LinkedIn banner on Canva but if you need some help then contact me.


2.       Your Profile


Take time to complete your profile to give people as much information about what you do and your background. Perhaps the two most important sections are your Headline and the Summary section.


Your Headline is what people will read first, so ensure it describes what you do and what solution you offer to people.


When a user clicks on your profile, they will see your Summary under your Headlines.  Here you can expand on your offering, maybe include a link to your latest lead magnet, direct them to your booking page or include videos of you speaking at an event.


3.       Your Feed


As with any social media platform, content is supreme.  If you don’t post then you are pretty much invisible.  There are numerous subjects to post about but remember that it’s not about selling.


What might people connected to you be interested in and what solution can you offer?  Ask questions to get people interacting and commenting. When someone likes or comments on your post, it’s likely to show up in the feeds of other people, your 2nd and 3rd degree connections.  These are the users with whom you are not directly connected but who are connected to one of your 1st degree connections.


4.       Write an article


An article is a different to a post.  It’s not just a short comment or update, rather think of it like a blog post.


To post a comment, click at the top of your feed where it says Start Post.  Just below that, you’ll see it says ‘Write Article’.   Click here and you are taken to LinkedIn Publishing where you can input your content.  You can apply formatting to your article which you cannot do with a post.  A post is typically around 400 words, although can be more or a little less.


An article allows you to show your expertise and knowledge on a subject in far greater detail than a post would allow.  Also, when a user clicks on your profile, they will see links to all your articles whereas your post/update activity is far more transient.


5.       Engage


A key action in your social media strategy is engagement.  Get out there and improve your visibility so that your network knows who you are, what you do.  Being visible helps keeps you in the forefront of their minds.


Remember that people buy from people so it’s all about building relationships.  There are many ways to engage with your network.


Like and comment on other people’s updates and you’ll find that your profile views will increase and more connections made.


Share other people’s updates and include a comment about why you are sharing.


Join a LinkedIn Group and contribute to a discussion. Whilst Groups have never been as popular as they are on Facebook, this is changing with LinkedIn focusing a lot more on Groups in the coming year.


Congratulate someone on their job anniversary or if they have a new job – it might be someone with whom you haven’t engaged in quite a while so it’s a great opportunity to get a conversation flowing again.


If you feel you need to up your LinkedIn game, start with my tips above and let me know how you get on.  Feel free to connect on LinkedIn with me.


Remember,  if you need a banner, get in touch.


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